5 Ways to Upcycle Jars & Bottles

I am a self professed jar and bottle hoarder. I cannot help myself. Every time we finish a jar of pesto, goat's cheese, passata... anything! I just have to wash it out ready to upcycle into something new and useful. 

There are so many ways to repurpose jars and bottles! Better yet, you can avoid buying plastic containers and use jars instead.

I am constantly finding new ways to upcycle and love trying out new ideas, here’s a few simple ways to reuse and upcycle jars and bottles:

  • Storing pantry staples - flour, sugar, coffee beans etc.
  • Using as a vase for dried or fresh flowers
  • Propagating - fill with water and add a cutting, wait for it to grow roots and then repot into a garden pot or another jar!
  • Storing DIY skincare - I use mine to store my homemade moisturiser and my DIY coffee body scrub.
  • Canning, jarring and preserving - having a large community garden plot has been fantastic, we have an abundance of beetroot and pickling cucumbers so I’ve been trying out homemade preserved beetroot and pickled cucumbers!

You can even decorate or paint your jars and bottles to give them a little something extra!

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