A day in the life - Molly’s Cottage’s first market

I have always loved markets. As a shopper I love being able to see the creativity and passion of local makers and artists while embracing the atmosphere a market brings. Up until recently, that was my only experience at a market.

One of my early goals for Molly’s Cottage was to attend a market with my handmade goods but the past few years have meant that it wasn’t even a possibility. When we were still based in Melbourne, I had scoped the opportunities at my local markets and was ready for when restrictions eased and we could go to markets again. Unfortunately, so many markets were cancelled indefinitely and the ones that went ahead, weren’t accepting new applications due to the ongoing pandemic restrictions. This meant that my dream to attend a market had to be put on hold. 

Fast forward to today, after moving down to Tasmania and enjoying the vibrant market scene, it was obvious that the time was right to try my hand as a stallholder. After a lot of research I stumbled upon the new 'The Hub Creative' Kingston Market held at the local community centre. When I first got in touch with the organiser, Tanya, I put my application in thinking I’d just try one market and then re-apply for future markets if that one went well. When I heard back from Tanya she let me know that Molly’s Cottage had been accepted as a regular stallholder.

To say I was excited (and quite nervous) was an understatement, I quickly started planning my set-up as the first market was only a month away. I did countless stall mock-ups, figuring out how much I could fit on my table and how to best display my handmade creations. 

Finally, on October 16th I attended my first ever market as a stallholder.

It was such a wonderful atmosphere and I met so many lovely people - Ildi from Ted & Tilly, Rachael from WillowBear, Katelyn from Emalyn Studio and many more. It was such a lovely way to meet customers and I loved being able to share my love and passion with my local community. 

I can’t wait to set my stall up again at the next Hub Creative Market on Sunday November 13th - If you are in the area, I would love to meet you!

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