Crafting and DIY - Lemon & Lime Christmas Garlands

One thing that I love almost as much as decorating my tree for Christmas is creating new decorations. 

This year, I wanted to create something to hang in my dining room window. It gets so much light during the summertime so I knew that using dehydrated citrus would look beautiful in the morning sunshine. 

This was such an easy DIY project and only took me 15 minutes to make. 

All you need is some lemons and limes (or your citrus of choice), twine or string, a needle and scissors. 

First, you'll need to dehydrate your citrus. It is best to cut the lemons and limes into thin slices (approximately 5mm thickness). Lay them out onto dehydrator trays or oven trays (line with baking paper first). Set your dehydrator to the fruit setting (or set your oven to the lowest possible temperature) and leave to dehydrate for 6 hours. Once fully dried, remove and allow time to cool. 

Next, cut your twine to the desired length, thread your needle and poke it through the centre of each citrus slice, stringing them one by one. You can knot the twine on either side of the slices to keep them in place or let them float freely.

If you want to add a little something extra, add other decorations between your citrus slices. Cinnamon sticks, bay leaves and star anise are lovely options - and smell delightful!

Once finished, simply hang your garland somewhere the sun shines and enjoy the beautiful glow! 

If you create your own Christmas ornaments or give my Lemon & Lime Christmas Garland a try I would love to see! Simply tag @mollys.cottage in your post or use the hashtag #MCCrafting.

Happy crafting and Merry Christmas!

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