One Year On

Want to hear how the story of Molly's Cottage began? Read 'Our Story'.


A year has come and gone since the thought of Molly's Cottage evolved from a dream to a reality.

Looking back on it now, I never dreamt that it would become what it is today. From beginning Molly's Cottage, where the focus was to create sustainable candles and spice kits, to now building an ever increasing range of care packages and hampers that feature other amazing and sustainable small businesses’ products. I have spent the last twelve month's growing Molly's Cottage into something I am so incredibly proud of.

With time comes change and in the last 12 months so much has changed. In November of 2020 I was offered my old job back as an Outdoor Education Teacher. I was going to be working in what 12 months ago was my dream job. 

Six months into 2021 and I've worked on numerous camps and have loved every second of it, but is it still my dream job? No, not anymore. 

A year ago I thought Molly’s Cottage would be an enjoyable way to spend my evenings, packing an order or two each night and creating new products every 6 months or so.

A little over 6 months ago, I turned to my partner Tom one night, after we had just spent the evening rearranging our apartment once again to fit more stock, exhausted. I told him how sorry I was that Molly’s Cottage had grown so much and that I felt bad that he had to spend his free time helping me create products and pack orders. Luckily, he and I now share not only the dream, but a vision of the path forward. Having had 12 months to watch Molly's Cottage grow, we can now see a much clearer image of what Molly's Cottage could become. 

We can still see a small miner's cottage, one that is everything we have ever dreamt of, the front yard lined with natives. Out the back is our veggie garden, where school students come to learn about sustainable living and have the chance to grow their own fruit and vegetables to later harvest and enjoy. 

There's a studio where classes are held, so you can learn to create your own natural products or find a love for a new craft. 

There's chickens, bees, alpacas and more. Then, way out the back is Tom's Shed. Where little projects and ideas come to life. It's where the beds of the veggie garden were built and the shelves for Molly's Cottage products were constructed. It's where another dream has begun to become a reality. 

Inside the cottage live Molly and Tom, this home is our dream, everything we have ever hoped for and hope Molly's Cottage will become, it's our forever home. 

Molly's Cottage started as something to do, a way to fill the day when there was nothing else. 

Now, though Molly's Cottage is still a dream, the image in my mind is beginning to become clearer, and I know that one day there will be a real Molly's Cottage and Tom's Shed and it will be everything we've ever dreamt of and more.

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My colleague sent me a care package when I was sick due to the viral flu. I loved the chai and the candle so much!!

Suchita Sharma

Thank you Molly. My friend received her gift from Molly’s Cottage yesterday and it moved her to tears . She is currently unwell and she said that it was just what she needed yesterday. Your products and service have been amazing and I will definitely recommend you to others 💕

Leeanne Husband

I live in NZ and purchased a gift for my sister who lives in Perth, website was excellent and the gift was loved by my sister. Thank you, it was awesome to choose her a gift and have the lovely products and gorgeous presentation sent to her


I had such a great experience dealing with Molly from Mollys’ Cottage. Her products were amazing and she was so kind and efficient at helping me fix a problem that I had created when I gave the wrong postal address. I could not have been happier with the service. I recommend the care packages so highly and my friend who received the package was absolutely delighted. Zoe


Such a beautiful story. Whereabouts are you we are a business in Victoria looking for beautiful staff gifting.

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

Warmest regards

andrea browne

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