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Before I share my Limoncello process I have a couple of disclaimers to make:
- If you make and share this with friends and family be prepared for people to request you make it time and time again.
- This is not a traditional Limoncello, this recipe is what I’ve adapted to make the perfect Limoncello based on what I love and enjoy. 

Firstly, unless you have a giant lemon tree, you are going to need to source a whole heap of lemons. Unfortunately, while we do have a beautiful lemon tree, we are not yet blessed with enough for a batch of Limoncello. So, we peel any lemon we use prior to juicing and add the peels to the vessel, making sure we only get the yellow flesh rather than the pith (white inner layer). This means we aren’t trying to buy several kilograms of lemons at a time and having more juice than we need. 

As soon as you add peels to your vessel pour in half as much vodka as you want Limoncello (if you want to make 1L of Limoncello, use 500mL of Vodka), we generally do a couple of litres at a time because we gift a lot of what we make, but you can easily do it with one 750ml bottle.

Continue adding peels until you can't see through your vessel easily because there is so much lemon (there is no measurement to this so just see how it looks). I prefer to leave the lemon to infuse over three to four weeks but you can leave it for a little less or more depending on how lemon-y you want it. 

After the lemon infusion has reached your desired strength, strain it into a new vessel and compost the peels. Then, make a sugar syrup with 1 part sugar to 1 part water. I've found equal parts sugar syrup and vodka is a good blend, but you can just gradually add your syrup, give it a stir and a quick taste to decide how much sugar you want. 

Give it a good stir, decant into smaller bottles, and enjoy! We leave ours in our bar cupboard but you can also put a bottle in the fridge. Make sure you are using clean, sterilised bottles for storage.

Hope you enjoy making your own Limoncello! If you do, don't forget to tag @mollys.cottage on Instagram or @mollyscottageaus on Facebook!

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