Molly's chai delight, spiced to perfection

I love a spicy chai, the more spice the better. Everyone I know who loves tea has their own way of doing it & they all believe it is the right way but believe me, this is the right way to brew a pot of chai. I am all about simple recipes & this one is about as easy as it gets. Get your kettle boiling now so it is ready to go by the time you need it. 

Grab your stash of Molly's Cottage chai spice blend, your favourite black tea, sugar if you want it (I definitely do) & some milk if you desire, I desire. 

Set up your teapot, infuser or teabag with your choice of black tea, then add a teabag of chai spice per mug. I love a really spicy chai so I sometimes i'll add two teabags per person. Now add your sugar, I generally have only add a teaspoon per mug but it definitely depends on the day of the week. By now your kettle should be boiling, go ahead & pour the water in. 

Now you wait, for quite a while. At least 5 minutes, 10 if you can wait that long. During this time, I tend to feed my sourdough starter because it passes the time & means my starter stays happy with me. 

Once your 10 minutes is up you can strain it into a mug & add your milk. Now go & enjoy your delicious spicy brew of chai. 

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