Molly’s sweet and spicy mulled cider

Too hot for mulled cider? Try our Sangria recipe instead!

If you are after something a little bit sweeter, my mulled cider recipe is a delicious blend of sweetness and spice. 

All you need is a packet of my mulled cider spice blend, some sugar and a few bottles of cider. My spice blend has been packaged with enough spice for 750mL but close enough will do.

Pour your choice of cider - apple, pear, whatever you fancy - and my spice blend into a saucepan, add a little bit of sugar (a tablespoon should do but adjust for your taste) and stir it all together. 

Slowly warm the cider over a low heat, as low as you can to allow the spices to infuse. Continue to stir to ensure the sugar has dissolved. Once it begins to steam turn off the heat and you are good to go!

Molly’s Tip:

Having a party? Scale up the ingredients  above in a slow cooker and use the keep warm setting to bring everyone a warm mug of sugar and spice.

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