Molly’s super simple mulled wine

Too hot for mulled wine? Try our Sangria recipe instead!

Is there a single person who dislikes a warm mug of spicy, fruity flavour on a chilly evening?

Yet so many mulled wine recipes require so much effort!

That’s why I’ve made this so simple, you will be sipping mulled wine well before you scroll to the bottom of some random blogger’s life story just to find a recipe.

Grab a bottle of red wine. I love Sangiovese, but you are about to add ALL kinds of flavour to it so anything will do!

Pour the wine into a saucepan along with a packet of my mulled wine spice blend. Add a few spoons of brown sugar and give it a real good stir.

Heat the wine over a low heat. The slower the better as this gives the spices time to infuse. Stir occasionally until the sugar has dissolved, the wine is warm and just starting to steam.

You’re done! Strain, serve, and enjoy.

Molly’s Tips:

If you feel it needs something extra, you can spike your mulled wine with a dash of brandy or a shot of rum.

Having a party? Scale up the ingredients  above in a slow cooker and  use the keep warm setting to bring everyone a warm mug of spiced delight.

Enjoy apples more than grapes? Check out our mulled cider recipe, it is the exact same process! All you need is a couple of bottles of pear or apple cider and you are good to go. 


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